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Web hosting and domain registration are two elements of running a website. Web hosting and domain registration are often paired together. A web host or web hosting service provider is a business that offers the technologies and services that are needed for a website to be present on the Internet. Websites are hosted on specialized computers called servers.

In addition to the website itself (or files created for the site), you need to provide two other things to make it visible on the Internet: domain and hosting. So, creating a website is the first stage, and the next is to make it available for everyone to browse.

A domain is, simply, the address or name of your site (the domain of the site you are currently reading is Each domain has a specific IP address because this is how computers interact with each other, so originally looks, for example, 111.222.556.778 / ~ fidesisoft /. Of course, it would be very complicated to access the address of your site that way, which is why the domain is extremely important. Hosting is, to put it simply, the space you rent to set up your site. You can think of it as a remote hard drive that you rented out for a limited time. By uploading your site to that hard drive, the site becomes visible to all Internet users.

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