Web Design

Web design is the starting point for building a website, building a web application or a mobile application. In the beginning, it enough to have an idea, we are here to make it happen.

Web design is a widely regarded concept and includes a different set of skills, standards and crafts. Web design is planning and building web pages. That process includes devising architecture and system to support your idea, solving user interface, navigations, choosing navigation, colors, fonts, designs, images, etc… All of these compromising good design practices, designers criteria and client's goals. Elements of web design: web and graphic design, user interface design, authoring, and standard SEO for browsers and search engines.

Commonly used technologies:
Mark-up languages (like HTML) and style sheet languages (like CSS, SASS, LESS)
Client-side scripting (Javascript)
Server-side scripting (php)
Databases (mysql, mariaDb)
Multimedia technologies
Web stategies and web marketing
Much more…

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