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Activity of buying or selling products electronically through online services or the Internet. A web shop or online store is the most profitable form of commerce today. The main reason for this is the simplicity and low cost of doing business compared to classic (offline) commerce. The online store is open 24 hours a day, every day, throughout the year. To open a web store, the costs are incomparably lower and the potential far greater than the physical store.

The term online store is, to put it simply, a store of services or products on the global network. By official definition, online shopping is an integral part of the process known as online shopping. Online shopping is a process whereby visitors can purchase certain products or services offered through an online store.

Within the online shopping system, that is, the online store, there are three most common ways of doing business: B2C, which means that the online store process takes place between the buyer and the entrepreneur, that is, the manufacturer or service provider, then B2B (short for English business-to-business terms), in which the online commerce process takes place between two entrepreneurs, and as a combination of these two modes of online commerce, the B2B2C method, short for business-to-business to client, was developed. meaning that online commerce takes place either between two entrepreneurs or between a buyer and an entrepreneur, and in this mode of commerce there is an intermediary between them.

It is this third method that is by far the most popular in modern online stores. The fact is that online shopping makes it much easier to buy certain products and services. However, it should not be forgotten that, given that it is not a direct trade, there are numerous shortcomings, most often related to the quality of the products offered within the online store. This is especially true for the purchase of wardrobe-related products, for example, because it often happens that the image of a product that a user can see on an online store's website does not fit that product completely. It is for this reason that many online retailers on their sites also mention the possibility of returning goods. But this is just one of the possible inconveniences that can befall customers who use online store services.

In most online stores, payment can be made with all payment cards. But, this mostly applies to online stores operating in the domestic market. For those who are world leaders in this type of trading, it is essential to have a special card for online payment, which makes it difficult to use the services of such online stores for home users.

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